Sunday, October 13, 2013

The first thing he said to us was,"This book is true! It goes Right Along with the Bible!"

Hello everyone! 
What a wonderful week! We had exchanges this week so I went with Sister McIver (my trainer!) to Paglaum on Tuesday. It was so fun to be with her again. We got to cross this awesome bridge to go to a recent convert. When we got there she wasn't there, so we visited a few other families. I had actually come here for exchanges with Sister Arnold a while back, and some of the families remembered me! It was fun to see them again and teach them. :)

Wednesday we went back to our areas and Sister Russon and I visited Elvira and Edgardo Senteciera. They are an older couple and we were able to give them a Book of Mormon. Brother is very open to our message and wants to know the truth. Throughout the week he read the Introduction and 3 Nephi 11. :) His wife is really shy, so he asks most of the questions. It's been neat to see his spiritual knowledge grow and and when we have Sister Atison come with us, it's awesome because she gives such a confident, powerful testimony, and she helps in explaining doctrines we can't quite explain well enough (like the Fall) cuz we're still working on the language. It's just the best when we harness the work of the members! Afterward we taught Joani Granton. Sister Russon recited the first vision, and while doing so, Joani turned to me and said, "Is it true?! Did this really happen?!" she had a complete look of wonder and awe on her face. It's amazing to teach the truth we have of the Restoration of the Gospel. With as many times as I've taught lesson 1,  I never get tired of sharing its truthfulness. Plus it's different for each investigator. They accept it all so differently and at different levels, but I'm grateful that no matter how long or how different each person listens to and hopefully accepts this truth it's true no matter what. :) I know it, I know it, i know it! :)

Thursday we met with Angie and taught her a new member lesson on fasting and tithing. The Spirit was so strong in this lesson as we shared experiences of the blessings of tithing and fasting. She has such strong faith and is ready to follow these commandments, especially in preparation to go to the temple next fall. :) My love for Angie and her family is so indescribable. My love for all Filipino people, in fact, is incredible. Young and old, I love them all! They are truly all sweet and loved children of God. I'm sure I only have a taste of the love God has for them, but the love I do feel sure is wonderful and I'm glad I can show a part of God's love for them by serving them and bringing them to Christ.

Saturday was a wonderful day!!! We watched General Conference at the stake center, and goodness! Was it amazing or what? It was one of the best conferences I've ever listened to. Maybe it's just because I'm a missionary or something, but I really got a lot out of this conference. Every talk was so perfect and I just have the greatest desire to feast upon the words we've heard and apply the truths we've learned. My spiritual stamina is just wanting to be exercised non stop! haha It was truly wonderful, and such a neat experience to have my first conference in the field. After the first two sessions of conference, Dexter Sapico Lobaton was baptized! Since everyone was at the stake center for conference, we had a stake baptism, which was wonderful! Such an amazing sight to see these sweet Filipino people dressed in white and enter the waters of baptism. 

Sunday was fabulous as well as we were able to watch the last two sessions of conference. I feel so rejuvenated spiritually. The prophets and apostles are truly men of God inspired to lead and guide us in these latter days. Later that day we taught Jinnel Bot-oy and Andy Castidad. Andy had read all the way to 2 Nephi 14! All his questions about the restoration and then some about the tribe of Joseph (Nephi being a descendant) were answered in his reading. The first thing he said to us was, "This book is true! It goes right along with the Bible!" We were like, "Yes! It does!" Then he goes on to tell us all the things he learned and it was like he was the missionary and we were the investigators! haha It was awesome! We asked if he prayed directly to know if it was true and he said not yet. He wants to read all of it first before praying to know, but says he always prays for guidance before reading. Oh man, you should hear his prayers. They're something. It's amazing how well Heavenly Father has prepared Andy to hear the Gospel. Afterward, we visited Angie and Dexter and talked about conference and what they thought. The rain was pretty heavy the past couple days, so only Dexter was able to attend one session, but the story of Stephanie Nielsen(the woman who was burned in the plane crash) really touched him and he was telling us of all the ways he's grateful for the life God has given us and the blessings that come through trials. They're excited to get the Liahona next month with all the talks so they can read and apply. They also want to get familiar with all the apostle's names and faces. :) I asked Dexter how he felt about his baptism and he said, "I feel goood!" in English. haha He expressed such gratitude for how Heavenly Father knew it was their time and sent the missionaries to them. Their next step...the temple!! I'm so excited for them! They will be one powerful family in this Gospel. 

I'm grateful for all the blessings I receive from the Gospel each day and for how I've seen it bless and literally change the lives of those I've taught. This Church is true. I have no doubt. We truly have a plan of happiness from our Heavenly Father and I know families are eternal.
Have a great week and happy anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Dixon today! :) Love you both so much!
Sister Dixon
PS I can't remember if I've said this, but karaoke is HUGE over here in the Philippines. :)


Crossing a "cool" bridge

Exchanges with Sister McIver- Jessica's Trainer


"The sky in the Philippines! :) SO pretty--the closet thing I can get to sunsets in my area"

The Lobaton family--Dexter's baptism

Dexter and Elders

                                           Stake baptism after General Conference!! 11 people :)

"Sister Russon and me. We didn't plan on wearing what we did, but because we did so, everyone thought we were twins. haha"

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