Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am a firm believer in Tender Mercies. They happen Every. Single. Day. We just have to look for
them. Today was no exception. Our sweet Jessica is 7,500 miles away as we, her Mom and Dad, celebrate birthdays these next couple of days. She is such a tender heart, and has always made our birthdays extra special. Although, miles and miles separate us, she did it again!  This morning, there was a very timely Facebook post from Jessica's mission president loaded with pictures of Jessica. My eyes filled with tears. The pictures made it seem like she was almost here ---almost!  Even though I would love to have her home as we celebrate, I am filled with gratitude this year, for the special gift she is giving us as parents as she serves her Heavenly Father... full-time!. In all honesty, what more could a parent want as a gift for a life-time of birthdays? Thanks, Jessica for "Coming into our Home" today, for sharing your sweet smile, and for giving us a gift that is eternal in nature. We love you to the moon and back!

Here are a few of the many photos President Lopez posted on Facebook, this very morning, pretty sure... just for me :)!!

Preparing to meet their new companions!

Sister Beccerra and Sister Dixon
Meeting their new companions for the first time

Training from President Lopez

Jessica playing "Called to Serve"

Speaking in Hiligaynon about the Holy Ghost

Singing solo, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light"

Jessica's new companion, Sister Tanes bearing her testimony.

Lunch time! Look at that LARGE pizza! :)
There was ice cream, too!

New companionships

Sister Dixon and Sister Tanes

...And they're off! God Speed!
Love you much, Sister Dixon!

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