Sunday, August 17, 2014

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!

Hello everyone! 

What a week! Monday we received news that Sister Arcinas would be transferring, so we spent our p-day making sure she had things ready to go and we ended our night at the Wenceslao's. Brother Daniel read the Book of Mormon for the first time! Wahoo!! He took it to work with him and read it on his break. :) He also said he'd go to church on Sunday, and he did! We're going to follow up later tonight to see what he liked and felt, but I'm so grateful that little by little, this entire family is coming unto Christ. :)

Tuesday we went to Galo and Sister Arcinas met with Sister Judd and headed to Cadiz. I found out I was training (eek!), and so I got assigned with none other than SISTER BATALERO and Sister Fitzgerald for the next day and a half while we waited for our trainees! That was about the biggest tender mercy ever! It was so good to be back with Sister Batalero and to hear about the huge growth of Pontevedra and to teach again with well as Sister Fitzgerald! Both Sisters are such wonderful missionaries who teach with such power and authority and truly with the spirit. They will be fabulous trainers. :) 

Wednesday the three of us worked here in Talisay, but we had to go home a bit early because Sister Batalero got a really bad stomach ache. We had an awesome tender mercy and one of the ward missionaries, Maricel, was able to stay at the apartment with her while Sister Fitzgerald and I were able to go out and hit a few more appointments. A few members of the ward and bishopric were also able to come over and give her a Priesthood blessing as well, which helped a many tender mercies! One thing I missed about Sister Batalero is how much she loves to talk.... :) Normally when you're sick, you'd cease a bit with talking. Not her. She talks even MORE to distract herself from the pain. Haha So we had quite a few laughs from hearing Sister Batalero stories and experiences. Oh goodness, I love her. 

Thursday we got ready and headed to the mission home to have our trainer's training and meet our trainees! There were a ton of foreign missionaries who came in and only one Filipina...and she's my companion! Sister Tangonan from Tarlac. :) She is about the sweetest, most Christ-like missionary ever. I love her so much already! She is so excited to get out and work and learn as much as she can! She was super prepared before her mission and so she's already sagad at teaching and working with the Spirit. I can tell it's going to be a good companionship! 

Friday we had a great day and it was exciting to see Sister Tangonan exercise her faith in finding and teaching. She did her first OYM (to a drunk man haha) and was SO excited that he committed like ten times to come to church. I didn't want to crush her hopes that he probably wouldn't remember that he committed to do so, so I just let her enjoy the wonderful feelings of inviting people to repent. :) It was also a good learning experience for me to remember to exercise my faith and invited EVERYONE to come unto Christ, even  drunk men...because they need it most! :)

Saturday was a very successful day as we were able to contact a referral, the Obello family, that the Gibou family gave us and Sister Tangonan extended baptism for the first time and they accepted! Sister Tangonan told me that she expected she'd be homesick, but she doesn't feel a bit homesick and is loving missionary work! Now that's what I like to hear! :) It's amazing how much joy there is in doing missionary work and proselyting, which all comes through the Atonement. When times get hard, and I know they will for Sister Tangonan--she'll come to realize the reality and hardships of the mission-- but I know that through the Atonement and through being diligent in working hard and trusting in the Lord, that He will carry and strengthen and help us, leading us to eventually feel the joy that cannot be fully expressed in words. I have definitely felt this enabling power throughout my mission, and those have been the times when I've grown and learned the most on my mission and truly gained a stronger testimony in our Savior and the love He has for us. We also had a baptism for Elsie Wenceslao and Reneliza Arevalo! They were so excited and so prepared to be baptized, and it was amazing to see them dressed in white and enter the waters of baptism. They both gave such powerful, strong testimonies--they are truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, Elsie and Reneliza were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Reneliza told me after church that she could really feel the spirit bestowed upon her and she got tears in her eyes at the feeling. :) Ah, missionary work is the best! We always hear that the first 90 days of the mission are the hardest...but honestly, I think it's the other way around! These last 90 days are so hard! After feeling so much joy and spirit, and witnessing so many miracles each day in helping others come unto Christ, it's hard to think that someday it will come to an end. And in the not so far future...the thing that I realized this week that gave me a bit of comfort, however, is that we are ALL disciples of Jesus Christ. Baptism symbolizes leaving our old life of sin and being born again to be disciples of Jesus Christ. After the mission, even if the name tag isn't there over my heart, it's still engraved on my heart. Discipleship is lifelong. Not just 18 months. I'm so grateful for all the tender mercies Heavenly Father has given to me and Sister Tangonan this week that have helped us to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. I truly know that this is His work and that through the Atonement, we can become the servants and disciples He needs us to be, especially as we align our will with His and follow the promptings of the Spirit in all we do. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of tender mercies and miracles, just like we do! Thank you for all the love, prayers, support, and just everything! I am so very very blessed. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. I love you all so very much!
Palangga ko kamo! 
Sister Dixon :)

Sister Dixon was able to tell Sister Canimo (one of her trainers) good-bye! Sister Canimo is home now and was a powerful missionary and wonderful influence on Sister Dixon.

Teaching with Sister Batelero and Sister Fitzgerald while waiting for their new trainees!

Sister Dixon didn't describe this photo, so...I don't know what is happening...:)

Sister Dixon and Sister Tangonan


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