Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Work is Amazing!...and the girl's hand just flops around :)

Hello Friends and Family!
Another busy week has gone by---I feel like so much happens during our
week! Here's a summary...

Monday we had FHE at the Villiasor family household. They're the
family that has a girl names Karissa. :) We did an object lesson with
obedience and agency and had lots of fun with the kids (IJ, Mimi,
Karissa). They fed us dinner and we had a good time. Filipinos are
just so kind and so fun to be around. :)

Tuesday we taught Angie Lubaton the first part of the Doctrine of
Christ (faith and repentance). She cried during her prayer as she
asked God to forgive her sins. She has such a sweet spirit and such
strong faith! She had come to church Sunday in pants because she
didn't have any dresses or skirts, so Sister Canimo and I took some of
the skirts/dresses we don't wear often or don't fit us and gave them
to her. She was so grateful and she came to church Sunday looking
beautiful in one of the dresses. :)

Wednesday we had a Mission President's Training and continued to
discuss ways we can do "finding." The biggest thing is getting the
members involved. I didn't realize before my mission just how critical
members are in this work--in helping us with lessons, fellow shipping,
getting to know the area, etc. I know that when I get home, I want to
help the missionaries in our area as best as I can because I know as a
missionary, I'm SO grateful when we receive as much help as we can
from the members. Later that day we met a boy named Melro Artus. He is
13 years old and there are 10 kids in the family. They just have the
Mom to take care of them, so he wakes up at 5 every morning to help
her with yard work and laundry, etc. Then he goes to school and comes
back to help her work so they can save enough money for them to
survive. Because there are so many kids, however, and not enough
money, a lot of the kids needed to be adopted. Such a sad story! He
was way too mature to be 13, which made me sad that his childhood made him
 grow up so quickly. He wants to be baptized, but because he helps
his mom so much, he can't go to church Sunday.  Hopefully we can
figure out a way to help him get to church and still be able to help
his Mom.

Friday we had weekly planning and then taught Fera Jane Pedroso. She
is 21 years old and set to be baptized August 24. She had her
interview with Elder Swain (the district leader) on Sunday  She is
good to go! She is so sweet and her prayers are so sincere. She learns
a bit slower than some of our other investigators, but her heart truly
desires to follow Jesus Christ. She's a sweetheart. :)

Saturday  we met with Angie Lubaton and her husband Dexter. We met with
him last Saturday as well (the only day he has off). But he told us
that he talked to his boss and he gave him Sunday off as well! He
works overtime in order to do this, but he knows how important going
to church is, so he's trying to make it work. :) Hopefully his boss
will allow him to take more Sundays off. Anyway, we watched, "Finding
Faith in Christ," and had a good discussion on Faith. He asked if he
had been baptized in the Baptist church if he could be baptized again.
We explained about the Priesthood and answered a few other questions.
Then he said he wanted to be baptized! Ah! He is so golden! This
family is so golden! So we set a date for September 14 :)  He has such strong faith 
and has such incredible goals for his family and their future. I think Satan is
working hard on this family because he knows their incredible
potential and how strong they are going to be in the Church. Angie
told us that one night, at 1:30  in the morning, she had the most evil
feeling Spirit enter her body. It was like a megaphone was by her ear
with a wicked laugh. (Reminded me of the experience Joseph Smith had
before he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ). She said she just
started crying and crying and so Dexter told her to pray. Satan knows
how good this family is, but they are so strong. Sunday we had
exchanges with the Relief Society, so I wasn't with Sister Canimo when
they went to teach them again, but it was raining so hard (making it
hard to hear) and there was a brown out and Sister Canimo forgot her
flashlight. Again, I think Satan was trying to prevent this family
from hearing the Gospel. But they continued on in the dark (luckily
Sister Jing Delavega, the RS sister with Sister Canimo had her phone),
and Sister Canimo said the Spirit was so strong. Dexter told them that
Angie had talked to him and wanted to get a book to read while he was
at work and while Pawi was napping. Then we came along with The Book
of Mormon. He said it was far more than what they asked for. Sister
Canimo said Dexter gave the longest prayer and started for the first
time with "Heavenly Father." He gave so much thanks to God for sending
us and that it was far more than they asked for.

It's amazing to me to see how God prepares His children so perfectly
to hear the Gospel at the right time and in the right place. I can't
describe the feelings of teaching a family so prepared by Heavenly
Father to hear His Gospel. It's amazing! I know He loves each of His
children so much. This work is amazing!

I hope everyone has a great week! Happy birthday to Megan today! (or I
guess tomorrow Utah time ;) ).

 Love you all so much! Thanks for your prayers and support!
 I have the best family and friends in the world.:)

Sister Dixon

 Filipino boys love to carry around a box and collect spiders. ANY kind.
Hand holding here is so different....the boy grabs the girls arm while
the girl's hand just flops around.... :)

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