Sunday, August 4, 2013

Transfer Call!

Hello everyone! 
Wow, this week was awesome and SO much happened! 

Monday we had family home evening with the Carrias family, and then got a call from the APs saying I'd be transferring the next day. It came as a total surprise because I'm still in my training, but it turned out to be a blessing. I met my new companion, Sister Canimo, on Tuesday. Oh my goodness, she is so amazing! She is from Manila and the first Filipino I've met who doesn't eat rice. haha She grew up learning English and lives just like an American. She joined the church three years ago while working in Singapore. She is such a hard worker, and I can tell I'm going to learn SO much from her this transfer. She is very talented and is truly a Preach my Gospel missionary. I'm so excited for all that I will learn from her. :) Our new area is Alijis, and we're actually whitewashing, which means neither missionary has been to the area, so neither of us know the way things work here. But thanks to our area book, the ward mission leader, and my very smart and hard working companion, I think we're going to have a lot of success here. It's funny though because Alijis is the area right next to Mansilingan, so I'm very close to my last area. 

Wednesday I'm pretty sure we had a typhoon because it rained a LOT and I was cold for the first time since being here (never thought I'd say that!). But don't worry, Mom, we were safe. :) We spent most of our day discovering our new area and talking with members and the ward mission leader to get to know our area and what to do. Our area is HUGE (the third largest in our mission), so luckily this transfer it was split and we have two other sisters in our ward. Sister Safetti and Sister Solomone (fresh from the MTC!). 

Thursday, Ping-Ping, an 18 year old preparing for her mission, worked with us to show us the area. We met with some members to get to know them so that we can get to know the area better, and they are all so awesome! We met this amazing 80 year old woman named Aurilia and she was just the sweetest thing. We shared a scripture with her and sang a hymn, and the spirit was just so strong. :) We also taught Jero and Jerold Castol lesson 1. They are brothers and were very open to hear our message. 

Friday we had weekly planning then taught two of our investigators, Fera Jane and Elma Javier. We also taught the Potato family. They are less actives, but their son Jojo just got baptized. Their daughter, Jennilynn, is "special" as they call her here, and is so so sweet. She wants to be baptized so badly, so we're excited to keep teaching her. Their son, JR is also very smart. He is 6 years old and knew all the answers to our questions about the restoration and gave the sweetest prayer. I love teaching with Sister Canimo because she brings such a strong spirit into our lessons, and I am learning so much from her. 

Saturday Ping Ping came with us again for the entire day, which was awesome! We met some more members, the Musni family, and they are awesome. They have 12 kids, all with very similar names. I sent a picture so you could see just how crazy. haha I don't know how I'll remember them all! Anyway, Charles is one of the daughters. She is 17 and so sweet and reminds me a lot of Savanna. :) I wish they could meet each other! I think they'd be good friends. :) We also taught the Castol brothers again about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. I think there a few issues we still need to resolve, but hopefully they'll come to church next week. We also taught the Cepeda family. Their mother and grandparents died and their aunt is taking care of them. They have such a sad countenance and I know the Gospel is just the thing that can lift their spirits!! They are actually less active, and Kyle, the oldest brother, I can just see knows there's something more and that he can find more happiness in his life. I'm not sure of his age yet, but he'd make such a wonderful missionary! I can just see it in his eyes. Anyway, we taught about families and invited them to church. And they came! We were so so excited. :) The Relief Society was shocked to see them come, so the Spirit must have touched them in some way while we taught them. :) I know the Gospel can bless them so much. 

Sunday Jojo Potato brought his investigator friend to church with him, so that made us very happy. :) Fera Jane also came to church! The ward mission leader asked Sister Canimo and I to teach the gospel essentials class. I haven't done that yet, so I was pretty nervous, but Sister Canimo is so awesome and helped me a lot. As well as the Spirit of course. :) After church we met with the Potato and Javier family again as well as Spencer Elisa for the first time. He's 13 and so funny and we set a date for him to be baptized on the 31st of August! He will make a great leader some day...I can just sense it, and he gave the most sincere prayer. Later we taught Sherrylyn and Mary Jane Velaquio. Sherrylynn is middle aged and Mary Jane is her mother and is blind. We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and having faith. It was a bit harder for me to understand her accent, but I could feel the powerful spirit that Mary Jane has. She was so sweet and I can just tell that she has a lot of faith. She is Baptist and goes to church quite a bit during the week, but hopefully we can help build the knowledge she already has and help her feel God's love for her. 

This week was so busy and fun and the first time I've felt like the language is actually clicking in my brain! It's amazing how the gift of tongues works! Sister Canimo is so loving and hard working, and I'm so excited to learn from her. We get along so well and I'm afraid this transfer is going to fly by too quickly. 

I have seen the hand of the Lord working in my life so much this week and I KNOW he knows the desires of our hearts. I know He answers all of our prayers and has a perfect plan for us. It might take a bit of time before we see why we experience what we do, but once we look back, it's amazing to see how the Lord has shaped us and helped us grow, and for the blessings He wants to give us. He loves us so much and wants the very best for His children. I'm so grateful to be serving Him full time right now. There's no place I'd rather be. Yes, it's hard, but I'm learning so much that I know is strengthening me to be a better person, that will help me for the rest of my life. I know this Gospel is true and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. They are ALWAYS there for us, every step of the way. 

Thanks for all your love and support back home. I have the best family and friends in the entire world and I love you all so much! Keep being amazing and I'll talk to you next week!!

Sister Dixon 

 Sister Dixon with her new companion, Sister Canimo!

The Musni Family--WOW!! 


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  2. Love the Potato family especially the son JoJo.