Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trials and Triumphs

Hello wonderful Family and Friends! 

I hope you had a great week and that school goes well for all those who are starting school this week!
 Grabe ba! Satan has been working on Sister Canimo and  me so hard this week.
We are trying so hard to do our best and work hard, and he is sure
working on us. However, despite all our trials this week, good has
triumphed over evil because the Lord is always on our side. Here’s a
few experiences of our trials and triumphs.

Monday: Trial: We had FHE at the Boliboli family household. We tried
to watch a DVD of Christ and we couldn't get the system to work. It
took 45 minutes to get it figured out. Triumph: The idea of showing
the DVD was a huge success because we got even the older, “cool” boys
to be glued to the message of having Faith in Christ.
Trial: Because it took so long to get the DVD to work, we were late to
our next FHE appointment. On the way it down-poured so we arrived
soaked. Triumph: Sister Belardo’s husband was present and participated
in the family home evening. He is less active and she wants so much
for him to be reactivated. Turned out to be a really fun FHE!

Tuesday: Trial: Satan working hard to bring me down personally.
Triumph: Awesome personal study. Hymn #114 brought a lot of comfort
and I realized that through the Lord, He will help me with anything.
Struggles are good for us. He’s not going to make things easier, but
He provides a way for us to endure and be strengthened and be lifted
higher. Through scripture study, prayer, faith, diligence, working
hard, (and for me having my very spirit-filled and inspired companion,
Sister Canimo), the Lord shows His tender mercies and strengthens us
in all things.

Wednesday: Trial: Horrible, no good, very bad morning. It seemed like
everything was breaking down and Satan was just being a little
stinker. Triumph: Through sincere, faith filled prayer, Christ
provided His healing and comfort through The Comforter. Also, later
that day we visited Dexter and Angie Lubaton and taught the
Restoration since Dexter hadn't heard it yet. We also showed them a
picture of the temple and the look on Angie’s face was priceless. I
will never ever forget it. It was a look of awe and sincere desire to
go to the temple someday. The temple is already a grand and beautiful
building in Utah, but just imagine what it looks like to a
Filipino...where the buildings here are very much third world...truly
a beautiful building, inside and out. In structure and in meaning. I
can’t wait for the day when they’ll be sealed in the temple.

Friday night: Trial: Sister Rasmussen (two doors down from us and one
of the senior sisters) got really sick and couldn’t breathe. Elder
Rasmussen called us over to stay with her while he got the Tangub
Elders. Triumph: I was able to witness a powerful priesthood blessing
from the Elders and Sister Rasmussen could breathe again and was soon
back to her normal, chatty self.

Saturday:  Goodness. This was the biggest trial day. Trial: We were
told the night before that our district leader and his comp couldn’t
make it to baptize Sister Fera Jane Pedroso. Triumph: The elders from
Tangub willingly stepped in to help us. Trial: We went to get the key
from the Bishop and it was lost. Triumph: There was a backup at the
counselor’s house. Trial: We weren’t getting any reply from our Ward
Mission Leader in call or text and he’s the one who’s supposed to
conduct and arrange the program. Triumph: Sister Canimo conducted and
even though we planned for speakers just in case the ward mission
leader didn’t plan for any, our backup speakers didn’t show up until
45 minutes later so Sister Canimo and I were the speakers. Trial: We
went to fill the font and no water would come out of the faucet.
Triumph: 20 minutes before the baptism started a miracle occurred and
the water flowed through. I testify that exact obedience brings
miracles. Trial: We couldn’t find the drain stop. Triumph: We found a
plate to put on the drain and a big water jug to put on top of that to
keep it from coming up. Trial: Someone tried to drown Fera Jane when
she was younger so she is terribly afraid of water. We didn’t know
this until after she was baptized and she told us. As a result, it
took seven attempts until she was completely immersed. And she had to
sort of dunk herself. Triumph: She was completely immersed and Fera
Jane Pedroso is now the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints in the Alijis ward. :)

Even though this week was full of trials, the Lord was on our side and
we defeated Satan triumphantly. As hard as the trials can be at times,
I’m grateful for the things I learn from each and every one of them.
They have strengthened me and brought me closer to the Lord than ever
before. This mission is the best decision I’ve ever made and even
though I’m still fairly new in the field, I can see how much it has
strengthened me and helped me grow in my testimony and in my
relationship with my Father in Heaven. He is there. He hears and
answers every. child’s. prayer. I know this is true.

I hope school goes well this week for all those who are starting up
again. And happy birthday to Drew today! (WA time,tomorrow), and Gabe
on the 27th! Sure love ya! Thank you for all your prayers and support
and love. I love all of you so much!

Palangga ko kamo!

Sister Jessica Dixon

PS The Brrrr months are approaching (September-December). This means
the weather has been slightly cooloer (Hallelujah!) and people will
start their celebrations in preparation for Christmas. I love the
Philippines. :)

People tell Sister Canimo and me all the time that we have the same
“chura,” or that we look similar. Funny because I don’t think we look
a thing alike. Then I came to the realization that it must be the
light of Christ that people see. It’s an amazing thing being a
representative of Jesus Christ. :)

Sister Dixon and Sister Canimo with Karissa :)
Karissa and her family. I am so impressed that Sister Dixon is barefoot!!
Pre-mission, that didn't happen :)

YAY!! Fera Jane's baptism
The Lubaton family
Look at those beautiful eyes

Is that happiness or what?! :)

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