Sunday, September 8, 2013

Twenty pair of cute little eyes stare at us...Become as a little child.

Hello everyone! How's life? :) 
I hope everyone is happy and healthy! Here's the scoop for this week:

Monday we had FHE at the Bishop's house with Sister Ang and Sister Bushman. They had a training the next day so they stayed at our house and came to FHE with us. We had an awesome object on Faith and played some games. Oh boy, when you get Filipinos playing games and laughing, it's a hoot! So fun! 

Tuesday I met a senior couple...the Neffs. They are almost 80 years old and since Elder Neff can't drive they take jeepneys everywhere. Jeepneys!!! I couldn't believe it at first. They are such troopers. I thought, goodness, if they can do this at their age, I definitely can. They are such amazing examples to me, and they are so so sweet. I hope I can do that someday with my future spouse. They are incredible!! We went with Elders Farner and Orlanda to Angie's for her baptismal interview and she did great! Afterwards we taught her and her neighbor, Nika Jane Gokong. She is actually from Cebuano and so I couldn't understand a things. Sister Canimo doesn't know Cebuano either, but she has this amazing gift of discerning people's needs and she was able to understand everything she said, despite the language barrier. Amazing!! We were able to build our relationship with her as she told us a pretty intense life history. She probably won't be able to get baptized for a while because of a few things, but we'll definitely keep working with her. She's very kind and open to our message. 

Wednesday we had an awesome zone leader's training, and my trainer, Sister McIver did part of the training because she's a new Sister Training Leader! I'm so proud of her. :) It was a really good training on obedience, repentance, and loving your companion. We also talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon in our teaching, which Sister Canimo and I applied as best we could for the rest of the day and throughout our week. There really is such power in using the Book of Mormon. It's only through reading the Book of Mormon and sincerely praying about it do we receive the confirmation that the Church is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. So we've been doing our best to help our investigators read the Book of Mormon daily and pray to know it's true. :) We taught the Boliboli family this day as well. They are a part member family and the Father, his kids, and his grand kids all live together, so there's usually a LOT of kids listening in our lessons. It's so cute! About 20 pair of cute little eyes stare at us and enthusiastically answer, "OO! (pronounced oh-oh)" to our questions. :) One of the grand kids, Deu, has a word of wisdom issue, but we committed him to keep the word of wisdom and he stopped smoking and drinking. Right then and there. He hasn't done it since! It's amazing. They are such a fun family. :) 
Thursday we taught Angie again and she told us about how she had a discussion with her friend of a different religion and she explained all about the Plan of Salvation--where we came from, the purpose of why we're here, and where we're going. She even gave her a Restoration pamphlet. She's already a missionary and she's not even baptized yet! She also takes her Book of Mormon study very seriously. She says that if she reads something, she wants to study it otherwise there's no purpose to it. She had some good questions from her reading. She's just a solid investigator. I love her so much! 

Friday after planning we taught the Boliboli family again. It's funny because the kids LOVE to pet my arm. They are amazed that I have arm hair. hahaha and the fact that it's a different color than my actual hair. Anyway, 2 of the kids present weren't part of the Boliboli family. The little girl, maybe 3 years old, would NOT stop following us until we followed her to her house. She wanted to be taught too!! We've taught her mom before, but she has no interest in our message. It makes me sad that the kids want so much to do what's right--they KNOW what's right, and they want to follow Jesus Christ and hear about Him, but their parents don't. :( I read this week in Mosiah about becoming as a little child. I can totally understand that scripture here. The kids are so pure and just want to listen and hear about Jesus Christ and His word. It's sad as we grow older and our hearts become harder. We can learn so much from little kids and their pure and sweet hearts to follow our Savior. 

Saturday we went to teach Fera Jane but they are in the process of moving. It made my heart cry because the government is demolishing their living area in October. They already have so little, and to see them take down the little they have brought tears to the brim. They're just moving down the street, but it's still so very sad. :( But I know that as Fera Jane continues to stay strong and go to church, read, and pray, she will be blessed. Later that day we went to teach Angie and Dexter but Dexter was already outside with Thomas Soquilio (their boarder) with 3 copies of the Book of Mormon (English, Ilonggo, and Tagalog), and they were having a study session together! I love it! We let them finish as we taught Angie and started teaching Nika Jane about the Restoration. Soon Dexter joined and we talked about the Doctrine of Christ. Nika Jane is a very very fast learner and she just soaked it all in. She came to church the next day as well! I can tell she's going to progress quickly, but her boyfriend is Muslim and they aren't married. So it might take some time before she can be baptized, but I know with the Lord's timing, all things work out how they're supposed to. :)

Sunday was a wonderful day! Chennie Angel was confirmed and Angie Lobaton was baptized! She was baptized with Sheila, an investigator of Sister Sefeti and Laulu. They both gave very heartfelt, tear-filled testimonies, and were all grins. Angie looked so very happy. I know I say this a lot, but there's really no way to explain the joy of missionary work. Helping bring souls to Christ is one of the best feelings ever. :) 

Well, later tonight we get transfer I guess I'll let you know next week what happens! I am completely at peace, however, knowing that the Lord has a perfect plan for me in where I need to be, who my companion needs to be, and who I need to teach. I have complete trust and faith in Him. The experiences I've had so far on my mission have truly showed me that when I have faith and trust in Him, He won't let me fail. He is there and He loves me. 

I hope everyone has a great week! Happy birthday to Uncle Wade and Kira this week...hope it's a good one!
I love you all so much. Stay strong. I know Heavenly Father loves us so much. We are truly His children. :)
Much love, 
Sister Dixon

PS when we go to the grocery store, when they call us ma'am, I always think they're saying, "mom." Took me a while to get used to that one.. :)

"FHE at Bishop Pacatang's house with the Moyani family and Sisters Bushman and Ang."

"3 Noblezada sisters...Chennie Angel, Angel, and Angelica"

"Washing my clothes...."

"Beautiful tropical flower"

"Boliboli family" :)

"Walking to church with Boliboli family"

"Angie's baptism!!"

"Elder farner is too tall to fit in the tricycads.."

"lunch with delavega family after baptism"

"Cute Pawi." :)

"FHE at Thomas Soquilio's home with Angie, Dexter, Nika Jane, Osmund, and Sister Atison"

"The apartment. It's MUCH nicer than our last one." :)

Her apartment is immaculate!! She said "thanks to Sister Canimo---she cleans every day. She's an even more neat freak than i am! haha I don't know what I'm going to do if she leaves or I leave! She's honestly the one that does most the cleaning."

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