Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Time is Far Spent

Hello everyone!
This week has been filled with all sorts of emotions, but it's been an overall very good week. :)
Monday we had FHE at Arlene's and had a lot of the ward missionaries come, which helped a lot with fellow-shipping her and her kids. They had a good time and we even got some new investigators! :)

Tuesday we visited Marlyn. She was in the hospital for a week because her mother-in-law fell, and she said she wished she had brought her Book of Mormon with her to read, but she forgot. She is such a sweet, sweet woman and her spirit is so strong. She's very shy, and even though she really wants to come to church, she's been super busy helping her mother-in-law since she's the only one home with her, and we sense that she's just very shy, even when we have members come with us to help fellowship. She was very grateful however, when we offered to come pick her up on Sunday. She got teary and told us how much she appreciated us willing to help her, especially with her house so far, and us visiting even in heavy rains and floods. She said no other missionary has done that from any other religion. She viewed it as a sacrifice for us, but it's amazing how when you have so much love for someone, it really doesn't feel like a sacrifice after all...

Wednesday we had an awesome CSP at the Peroy's, an older couple who needed help weeding their yard. They were so sweet and gave us bread with cheese whiz for an afterward snack, told us all about their families, showed us immaculate records of their family history, and gave us advice about budgeting. haha Serving is the BEST! We also had a pretty good day visiting some investigators, recent converts, and less active members. We had Josie Pineda come with us to one of our investigator lessons. She's a returned missionary and gave an awesome testimony of the importance of baptism. She was pretty bold too which helped our investigator, Juvy, get thinking more about why we need to be baptized. There's just nothing like having members work with us and testify. :)

Thursday we had an amazing Zone Conference and learned some great things about recognizing the Spirit and working with ward leaders. I also loved what I learned from President Lopez. "We seek difficult things in this mission. Not easy things. Because difficult things require faith in Jesus Christ." Oh how I testify of this statement. My faith in Jesus Christ has grown immensely because of the difficult things we seek in this mission. I love it. :) Later that night we contacted a referral that Bishop Quinquero gave us, and they are GOLDEN! They are a part member family, with the parents less active, but they still have a testimony. They have kids who are youth aged and they were so excited to listen to us. We had one of the stake presidency members, President Queremit, who's in our ward come with us, and it did wonders. On Sunday, all five kids, plus their little sister in primary, came to church! I'm so excited for this sweet family to be baptized and to help the parents become active again so they can prepare for the temple!

Okay, just realized my time's almost up. But the rest of the week was wonderful! Full of awesome planning, lessons, member exchanges, a one day mission, a very adorable Primary Program on Sunday, and many miracles! On Sunday the closing Hymn was "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."..... Not a good choice. Especially because Cheyene and Reslie came and sat by me once the Hymn started and they told me they were going to sing this for me. The flood gates just opened, even though we have a "bawal maghibi until Nov 3" (not allowed to cry) sign in our apartment. haha I can't imagine what this week is going to be many mixed emotions, let me tell you. Time flies. I'm so grateful for the time Heavenly Father has given me to serve His children here in the Philippines. The things I've learned from them will remain with me forever. They are amazing and I love them so much. I know Heavenly Father has a special place in His heart for these people because I get to feel a taste of that love every single day as a labor among His children. There's no place I'd rather be right now than with these sweet people. There's such a big place in my heart for my brothers and sisters here. I know the work we do each day is absolutely true and there is nothing that brings as much happiness and joy as helping others come unto Christ. I know He lives and loves us and that this is His work.

I hope everyone has a good week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma Dixon!! Love you all so very much! xoxo
Palangga ko kamo, 
Sister Dixon

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