Sunday, October 12, 2014

Typhoons and Testimony

Hello friends and family!! 

We had a very wet but wonderful week! One of the strongest super typhoons of 2014 was passing the Philippines in the ocean, so although we didn't have the effects of a landfall typhoon (thank goodness), we still got a looooot of rain. But that just encouraged us to work harder and put even bigger smiles on our faces to bring light to the gloominess of the clouds and rain! All this rain also made me realize just how blessed I am to have grown up in the situations I have. I have never seen so many flooded streets, homes, yards, and just WET in my life. It was even more so than when Yolanda hit! These Filipino people are so strong and so positive with the environmental and physical trials they have to face and it's so humbling and faith promoting for me.

 One of our investigators, Marlyn, lives in an area where we have to cross a flowing river. Marlyn sent us a text, telling us not to come because the river might flow too high, but I remembered what Cheyene, our recent convert who worked with us the day before, told me. She said that when Sister Arcinas and I were teaching them, it was raining one night and Elsie said, "oh, it's raining. They probably won't come." But low and behold. We came. They said that's one thing they were able to determine our message is true. Because despite the rain, we were willing to face the wet and share the Gospel. We kept that in mind when Marlyn texted us, and we faced the river! And it didn't even turn out to be that bad. :) It was raining pretty hard though and we arrived soaked to Marlyn's house. Marlyn was SO excited to see us and we could tell it really meant a lot to her that we had decided to come, despite the long walk to her house, rain, flood, river, and endless mud. :) It really strengthened my testimony of the importance of forgoing something comfortable (like staying in the city to proselyte--much less wet and muddy), and turning outward to help the one. I love this dear sister so much. :) She's scheduled to be baptized in November. :) We had quite a few other experiences as we proselyted in the rain, but I'm running short on time so I'll have to tell them when I get home. :)

 One last thing though, for general conference, the entire stake including the missionaries, attends the stake center to watch. I saw Sister Legaspi, who is currently assigned in my area of Silay where I was assigned 1 year ago, and she told me that Ann Marie, one of mine and Sister Solomone's investigators, is getting baptized on November 1st! And then she went and found her and brought her to me!! I was so excited! I really felt in that moment the importance of planting seeds no matter where and when because the harvest will come eventually! Even if it's almost exactly a year later. :)

 I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and loves each and every one of us. I sure felt that love a lot this week as prayers and questions were answered in General Conference and as we visited the sweet Filipino members and investigators this week. Despite their challenges that come in innumerable ways, they sure know with all their hearts that Jesus Christ loves them and cares for them. I sure do love and care for them as well. They have truly come to be my family here and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else than in their homes and with their families, sharing the message that can bring light and hope and love and comfort to their lives.  

I hope everyone has a great week! HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY GRANDMA WARBURTON!!! Sure love you and hope you have a great day! And happy anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Dixon this week! How did I get blessed with such wonderful mga lolo kag lola! ;) 

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week! Palangga ko kamo! 

Sister Dixon 

Forging the rivers in the Philippines...with that beautiful smile!
It's a good thing she is a good swimmer! :)

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